Watercress Velouté

Cindy Thomas, May 3, 2016


Watercress velouté is a soup recipe unlike any other I’ve made or eaten.  The french term Velouté is derived from the word velour, which means velvet.  Velvet is an apt description of this soup.  It is smooth and velvety and a bit thick.  I had never cooked with watercress, so this was a fun new adventure.  Watercress is often used in salads and has a kind of spicy, bitter flavor.  It’s been fun to buy these unusual ingredients in my local market because they always ask me “what are you going to make with THIS?”.  It’s funny to see the surprised looks on their faces when I tell them what recipe I’m cooking up this week.

The recipe begins with putting some chicken stock in a small pot and bringing it to a boil.

Meanwhile, shallots are cooked until soft in olive oil and then the chopped watercress is added.IMG_7615

Once the watercress has wilted a bit, it is seasoned with salt and pepper.  Next thinly sliced potatoes are added to the pan along with the hot chicken stock.IMG_7617

This mixture is brought to a boil and then simmers until the potatoes are tender.  Next, the soup is puréed in a blender until nice and smooth.  Finally a couple of tablespoons of butter are added along with salt and pepper to taste.

This soup is served with a spoonful of crème fraîche and some fresh finely chopped chives.IMG_7622

We enjoyed this soup with sliced baguette and cheese and a glass of white wine.  My soup did not appear to be as dark green as Mimi’s soup pictured in her cookbook.  I suspect that my “medium” sized potatoes were a little on the large side.  I would use less potato next time or more greens as I felt the flavor of the greens was not as concentrated as I would have liked.  Overall, it was delicious and fun to try a different style of soup.  We had this dish as a first course before feasting on some fresh dungeness crab….it was a good pairing.



This recipe can be found in Mimi Thorisson’s cookbook:  A Kitchen in France

If you’re interested in joining the Weekends in a French Kitchen group or just want to see how the other members of the group fared with this recipe check out this link:  WIFK





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