Sarah Bernhardt Cakes

Cindy Thomas, February 21, 2016

Now here is a dessert to satisfy any chocolate lover’s sweet tooth!  Sarah Bernhardt cakes are named after a french actress and are the latest Weekends in a French Kitchen recipe to try.  To me, they are more of a rich cookie dessert than a cake, but who cares?  They’re delicious.  The cake or meringue part of this dessert is like a macaron.  Macarons always seem magical to me in their flavor and texture, so it was fun to learn how to create these.IMG_7081

The meringues call for egg whites to be whipped together with powdered sugar.  Then almond flour is folded into the mix.


The meringues are spread on parchment paper and baked at 350 degrees.  Once baked, they cool completely on a wire rack.IMG_7088

Of course, we sampled them at this point…they were wonderful. IMG_7093

A lovely, rich mocha frosting is lightly spread on the bottom of each meringue.  These go into the freezer to set and cool.


For the final bit of decadence, each one is dipped in dark chocolate with enough to just cover the frosted side.IMG_7096

The result are these two-toned  “cakes” with macaron style meringue on one side and rich chocolate on the other.  IMG_7102

We enjoyed these with coffee for the adults and milk for the kids.  My family loved them.  I found them a little more sweet than I would normally prefer, but still wonderful.IMG_7100

This recipe can be found in Mimi Thorisson’s cookbook:  A Kitchen in France

It’s also posted on Mimi’s blog: Manger

If you’re interested in joining the Weekends in a French Kitchen group or just want to see how the other members of the group fared with this recipe check out this link:  WIFK





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