Roast Game Hen with Herbs

Cindy Thomas, February 28, 2016


It’s cook’s choice week for the Weekends in a French Kitchen group, so I’m doing a bit of catching up.  Mimi’s recipe is entitled Roast Guinea Hen with Herbs, and since I don’t have guinea hen readily available, I substituted two game hens instead.  These were some of the most delicious birds I’ve ever roasted.  Honestly, this recipe is pretty simple, and includes many of the ingredients I would normally use to roast a chicken.  Mimi’s recipe calls for using duck fat, which I’m sure would be over the top delicious.  I used the alternate option of some good extra-virgin olive oil.  So, I rubbed the game hens with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and put the herbs (garlic,thyme,rosemary, bay leaves) and lemon quarters inside the cavity.  I also added peeled and quartered potatoes to the pan as recommended by the recipe.


Because the birds were small and my lemons was generous in size, I just put the extra lemon in the pan to roast with the potatoes.  Those potatoes were wonderful because they soaked up all the goodness of the chicken drippings and had a delicious, bright lemon flavor as well.



I cut each game hen in half for serving.



This made a nice winter dinner with green bean and some cheesy bread.  My kids were kind of amazed that they were being served half a chicken each!  This is a recipe I will use often.  I’m sure it would be wonderful with a whole chicken as well.



This recipe can be found in Mimi Thorisson’s cookbook:  A Kitchen in France

If you’re interested in joining the Weekends in a French Kitchen group or just want to see how the other members of the group fared with this recipe check out this link:  WIFK





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