Bugnes de Lyon

Cindy Thomas, October 11, 2015

This week Bugnes de Lyons was on the menu from Daniel Boulud’s cookbook.  I had never heard of these and was pleased to learn that they are like a little doughnut.  They are served freshly made and hot after being dusted with powdered sugar.  Boulud’s recipe is based on the way his mother made them.  IMG_5722

The dough is made and chilled for an hour and then rolled out.  It has orange zest and smells lovely when you work with it.  Then the dough is cut into 2 inch strips and cut again on the diagonal to form diamond shapes.


Next comes the magic.  Here’s my version of the dough knot that is described in the recipe. (Don’t you love my new cutting board?  Yay Oregon!)


While the recipe gives the option of shaping the dough in a simple circle or square, it gives instructions for forming a knot from the dough.  This is the shape Boulud’s mom made them in, so I wanted to try my hand at it too!  It was tricky, but fun to try.  I still don’t know if I did it right, but he describes them as a handkerchief-like knot which is pretty close to what mine look like.

I’m not a fan of deep frying, but these cooked pretty quickly and easily.  The result was a plate full of warm, tender and sweet fried dough.


The orange flavor comes across stronger than I expected, which I loved.  It keeps the Bugnes from tasting so heavy.  My kids did not love the orange flavor.  Oh well, more for the rest of us!

If you’d like to make this recipe, it can be found in this cookbook: Cafe Boulud Cookbook

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