Gazpacho with Anchovy Toast

Cindy Thomas, September 13, 2015

IMG_5560Today was a typical busy fall Saturday: football game, soccer game, kids’ playdates, doggie playdate and a visit from my 22 year old daughter.  I wasn’t sure I would have time to squeeze this recipe into my day, but I’m glad I did.  Daniel Boulud’s Gazpacho with Anchovy toast turns out to be an excellent dinner for a busy and hot (90’s) day!  It’s easy and tastes amazing.

Ingredients for gazpacho

Ingredients for gazpacho

The soup begins with blanching a bunch of colorful bell peppers in boiling water and cooling them down.  IMG_5552


Next, all those beautiful veggies are tossed in the blender and puréed until smooth.  I made a half batch, so it fit easily into my blender.

Isn't this gorgeous?!

Isn’t this gorgeous?!

After blending until smooth

After blending until smooth

Then the mixture is seasoned with salt and white pepper and strained.  Next, freshly chopped basil is added and the soup is chilled for a few hours.

garden basil on the chopping block

garden basil on the chopping block

So, I knew I would enjoy the gazpacho, but I wasn’t so sure about the anchovy toast!

Here comes the anchovies!

Here come the anchovies!

The anchovies are chopped and mixed with butter, chives and lemon juice to make a lovely spread for toasted baguette slices.  I especially loved that the baguette toast is made by pan frying the slices in olive oil until golden and then rubbing them with garlic.  So good.  My entire family learned today that we do indeed like anchovy toast!  Thank you Daniel Boulud for this magical combination!

My only regret is that I halved the recipe thinking that we wouldn’t eat a whole batch.  Wrong!  My daughter just finished the last of it (and declared it delicious!) and I am wishing I could eat it again for lunch tomorrow.  Next time I will know better 🙂

If you’d like to make this recipe, it can be found in this cookbook: Cafe Boulud Cookbook

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2 thoughts on “Gazpacho with Anchovy Toast”

  1. tammycirceo says:

    I loved this, too! Even the anchovy toasts!

  2. Cakelaw says:

    Your gazpacho looks so colourful in the blue dish – great presentation.

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